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Domain Protection

Too often, I am seeing that credit cards assigned to your website account change without me being notified. All domains need domain protection. It is the difference of 7 days or 1 year to resolve issues with updated payment information. The cost is an addition $10-20 per year per domain. After 7 days, your domain goes to auction and I can not be held responsible. 
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SSL Certificate

Most of you have been made aware of the new internet security feature that all browsers are implementing. Customers are going to your website through a mobile device they will be either, alerted or prevented, that they are entering a non secure website. Prevented from getting to the website is happening more and more. The SSL certificate is an additional $68 per year. 
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Website UpDesign
There is an option to have your SSL & Protection included in your hosting for almost the same price you are paying yearly for hosting now. However, if we change to this product it will require me to redesign your website. I am still honoring the original charge I gave to you if you wish to give your website a new look or you can simply pay the additional costs per year. A few clients have already upgraded so this may not apply and you will need to email me back to discuss what you do/dont have. (Please fill out the form above)

ALERT: If you decline either of the 1st two options or one of them, I can not be held responsible if you do not contact me quarterly to verify the credit card you have on file or don't review when you are logging into your account. I check payment methods whenever I am making changes, but some clients barely make changes to their website, and "failed billing" is still occuring. (Please fill out the form above)