Print with us and your design is FREE...

"What? Design work is FREE?" Yes, we enjoy designing and once you move all your printing our way we become your company's graphic designer for FREE! This means when you need a quick hand with an advertisement page and you are a long standing print customer, we assist you with ​all your graphic design needs. 

How to get started...


Locate your text file on your computer with all your menu items and prices. Note: prices and descriptions can be edited at any time during the proofing process. (no jpg or pdf since the

text can not be formatted)

Fill out the form on our contact us page with as much details as you can provide; such as, color scheme of your restaurant, themes, ideas and thoughts of sizes, and the overall product specifications. (Please note: it will take two weeks if you are using menu covers and that price is separate from the printing price, but not inflated.

We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to begin your project design. You will receive a proof like this one to the left with our watermark. The final product will not print with this watermark. 

50% deposit is required once the printing process begins. Payment is required in full upon delivery of the item. We accept cash, checks, and credit card via Paypal. If you are using Paypal, an invoice will come right to your email with a "click to pay" link.

Welcome to our Menu Designs...

Our clients provide us the editable file that includes menu items and prices, we then create a design that incorporates their restaurants theme and colors from scratch. See below "La Bella Italia" restaurant who only had a printed version of a ToGo Menu and needed a laminated dining menu. Now, that's from scratch!

Try our heavy lamination for your menu...

Buying Menu Covers can be expensive and unless you are buying high quality menu covers they become quickly damaged. The high gloss lamination makes the color and images pop even more and the heavy weight lamination keeps your menu from being too flimsy. Lamination does wear over time, but not as fast as thin coating. We've all been to several restaurant locations for dining. Start exploring the wear and tear of the menus when you are out on the town! If you are still interested in menu covers vs. lamination, we have a trusted affiliate company that we can rely on.

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